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Leave it to me to complain when I’m given something I want for free.

I’ve acquired gift card codes for purchasing goods on Amazon. About $29 worth. I had more but I placed three orders the other day spending about $46 of the credit.

My wishlist contains 1579 items. That’s just the main wishlist, I have several more with different excellent names to categorize them. So many wishes and yet I can’t choose what to buy. For reasons that are expiration related I need to use up my credits in the next few days.

$29 isn’t huge but it’s big enough for mp3s or a few books or movies so long as I stay within the used department & I’ve had great luck getting items that way.

For now my cart is filled with three books, all memoirs and two of them are by D list celebrities-my favorite!


This is the stupidest dilemma I’ve ever had. Any recommendations on how to use these credits up?