Buffalo, Personal

Greetings from Buffalo-ish

snow waves

I don’t have any harrowing tales about the storm. I’m lucky.

I work in one of the South Towns that was hammered with lake effect snow. Everything is shut down there so I’ve been off work for three days now.

Did you see these pictures of the storm from Buzzfeed yet?

I’ve not used my unexpected free time well, unless you think being lazy is cool then in that case I used it perfectly.

snowy newstead

I bought an overpriced cheesecake which I’m polishing off way too quickly. I caught up on some junky TV online. I’m re-watching Peaky Blinders & laying around. I have a lot to say about Peaky Blinders & the Serial podcast but I’ll save that for later. Plus I have to space out my PB & CM-movie stuff for a bit so people forget about it and start to remember me as someone who is more normal and not an obsessed weirdo. (I am what I am though ok).

I’ve spent hours upon hours doing “nothing”.

hot cocoa

I should mention that I can’t use this free time to go shovel or bring people hot meals or anything like that or I’d be helping in some way. There are traffic bans & dangerous road conditions.

Maybe I should’ve gathered some yarn two days ago(from where, what am I talking about?) and dedicated my time to learning to crochet through youtube tutorials.

I’m sooo lucky I can’t stress that enough. Everyone I know is safe. My street is completely clear. You can see grass peaking out of the snow in the bottom right corner of photo up top. I took that Tuesday afternoon to show a friend how little snow I got in my neck of the woods. Just miles away is a different scenario. Be safe.