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250 words

Dang so at that other school I was gonna go to(& might still go to) did not require a personal essay as part of the application process and I recall maniacally laughing at having escaped the essay. This other school I may apply to for reasons( because see: my last post) requires a 250 word essay on the topic of my choice. For somebody who likes to ramble & blabber on about everything my brain freezes up when I have to come up with something official-ish.

Essays I don’t want to write are the ones that everybody else does like: This Person is My Hero! or I Overcame Stuff! or What I Learned Backpacking in Europe or My Greatest Achievement.

I don’t have anything to say. I’m an empty-brained idiot and all I can think of is how I use to be addicted to playing Mario Cart while listening to 311(in da ’90s) and I learned nothing from it.


Ideas???? Inspire me!

night time

here’s a bonus photo from last November in the country that has nothing to do with anything