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The Walking Dead blog question award

1)First rule of ZABQA, thank Dora and Sup Darling for their genius idea.

2)Second rule, answer some questions and tag people! Who can then decide if they want to answer Qs or not and tag people or not.

Thank you for the genius idea! Thank you Very Bangled for tagging me

1. Walkers, Lurkers, Biters, Lame-brains, Geeks, or Rotters, which is it? walkers
2. You just woke up to a zombie apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice? Baseball bat. Though fresh zombies might mean harder skulls to crack & brains to smash the bat keeps a little distance between me & the walkers, it’s relatively light, easy to carry and clean off. If I over-think the right weapon I’ll probably end up getting bitten before I get a chance to defend myself. 
3. Now that you have your weapon, choose your partner. Who will it be? Rick or Daryl Rick or Daryl…so hard to pick. 
4. Location is everything, where will your camp be? Eeeeh I don’t know. This question keeps me awake at night. I almost answered “to the treeees” like in that one Robin Hood movie. But there’s not enough time for me to marathon Tree House Masters and build a zombie defense tree-top town….so…I’d wing it I guess. I’m scared.

5. Who is dead that you wish were still alive? Morgan’s son Duane 
6. Who is alive that you wish were dead? Errrr I dunno
7. Which character is the most evil of all time? The Governor 
8. If you had a baby during an apocalypse, which character would you put in charge to care for your child? Nooo
9. Hey leader, your call: the needs of your loved ones or the needs of many? Loved ones but that could include many see #10
10. What’s the biggest lesson TWD taught you about surviving a zombie apocalypse? Family isn’t always just blood.

robin hood toys

But I just remembered that tree house village burned down in Robin Hood. Back to the drawing board!



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