For a little while Jennifer was a queen


While Amy & I searched the internet for the remnants of our teenage years, at least the long gone TV show and movie version, we tunneled toward the past and dug up the “I remember that!” time capsules like this terrible 1997 Jennifer Love Hewitt & Will Friedle film Trojan War. Back then I’d taped it off TV.


The movie trailer with the tag “sex, love and the quest for a little protection” to the tune of The Vandals “I Have A Date”

At the time this helped fill a need for movies with high school & coming-of-age, 90s-teen aimed storylines fused with fantasy romances and the trouble that goes along with them. I remember feeling let down after seeing this and it’s one of the least memorable from the batch of teen flicks made then.Then again I watched other crappers like She’s All That dozens of times, anytime it was on cable really, so maybe the quality didn’t matter but rather the idea of it, the fashion and the soundtracks.