I just read that Amanda Peterson passed away=(

Over the weekend I watched Foxcatcher, While We’re Young and Welcome to Me and I liked them from best to least in that order. I couldn’t finish Welcome to Me. I hated it. The other two were great. I recommend viewing Foxcatcher and then checking out this 1988 promo video, which is depicted in the movie, if it doesn’t give you the creeps too badly.

I tried a new fire scented candle. Candeo Candle’s Campfire Smoke. Other than Yankee Candle’s insanely smoky smelling limited edition Fireside candle, this is the next closest scent to that of a real campfire or bonfire. I anxiously unscrewed the candle jar lid and took a big whiff of the dry wax and was hit with the scent of smoke and ash. A little harsh. However once lit the candle is a pleasant campfire scent just like the real thing.

By the way here’s a contest/giveaway for a candle subscription called Flicker Box. In the lower righthand corner of the site you’ll see the entry box. I hope I win and if I lose I hope you win.

I started using Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel. They have lavender, lemon, peach, cucumber and unscented versions. I had Thayer’s wishlisted for so long and finally got myself a bottle. I like it a lot. It smells like roses, as it should, and it’s light and refreshing. Someday (never) I will make my own rosewater. I need a big bowl of ice and rosewater to splash myself with like Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) in Mommie Dearest.

QUESTION for anybody who has tried a subscription box service. I’ve done Naturebox, Nibblr and Birchbox. I love getting snail mail and surprises. I love testing the products and finding new favorites. There have been ups and downs with these services(most of the downs with Naturebox customer service). I’m wondering which subscriptions you’ve tried yourself and what you liked or didn’t like about them? Thank you in advance for any answers you submit.

Hope everyone is well.

I leave you with this for no reason.